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“That which gets measured, gets improved.”

– Peter Drucker

Data Driven Decisions

RYIT has serviced all shapes and sizes of operations. From Apps understanding their customer base, to Small Size Retail Shops looking to grow, RYIT has provided usable, actionable, and affordable reports and dashboards.

We understand that, for program or asset, every wrong decision can be an expensive one. With RYIT and RYITelligence you can make educated and informed decisions, ensuring that you can identify problems where they exist.

Main Benefits

  • High-Availability data exports helps validate any decision
  • No Robots, No Algorithms. A real life reporting team to work with.
  • Readily available from anywhere to only the authorized users you determine.
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What You’ll Get

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly dashboard can be constructed upon request and accessed via the Tableau App, Optimized to your phone’s size!

Multi-Layer Data

Hierarchies and Multi-Layer data allows for filters and drill-downs to flow between graphs, reports, or entire dashboards with one click.

Unlimited Revisions

Ask about our monthly retainers, this service allows for unlimited changes, alterations, or any other revision to make sure you love all your reports.

Email Subscriptions

Perfect for those who do not want to log in everyday to see status reports. Get an image or a PDF straight to your inbox as often as you like.

Edit Online

Have a capable ‘Power-User’ that wants to have the ability to make some adjustments ad-hoc? Grant them a License and we will administer that ability.

Save on Users

We don’t markup our user’s licenses at all. You can be assured that the price you pay us for access is no more than direct-to-seller. We also add in our BaseCamp3 Collaboration platform for unlimited users free-of-charge!

How We Operate:

  • Single AD-Hoc or Non-Repetitive Dashboard
  • PDF, Image, and/or Raw Data Export
    Tableau Reader Capable Exports
  • Flexible Delivery Time
  • Perfect for Meetings or Presentations
  • No Commitments Pay-As-You-Go
  • Database Access & Storage, and Online Viewing not included Extract-Based Reporting Only
  • Mid-Level Monthly
    Service Agreement
  • Online Dashboard Availability
    Mobile Availability
  • >20 hours Labor/Month
  • UNLIMITED Dashboards & Revisions
    Up to Labor Limit
  • Yearly & Monthly Licensing Plans Available
  • Database Access & Storage: 1GB included
  • High-Capacity Montly Service Agreement
  • First 2 Online Licenses Included
  • 40,60,80hr Labor/Month Plans Available
  • Perfect for those Looking for:
    Story Board Generation/Analyst Assistance
  • Yearly & Montly Licensing Plans Available
  • Database Access & Storage: 5GB included

Some ways customers are using RYIT:

Limited Offer!

Start gathering insights now and all tiers receive Level II Data Storage and Access.

-5GB Data Storage: Free-

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