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How do I access my reports?

You have multiple ways to access your dashboards, if you’reĀ using RYIT’s reporting infrastructure.

Our system supports Tableau Online, Tableau Reader, PDF Subscription via Email, Website and internal web embedding, as well as raw data exports.

Do I always have to login to something?

Nope! If you sign up for the Online Subscription method you get PDF views of your dashboards to have a better overview of you Programs, Projects, or other Status.

Then, if you see something interesting you can log in from the Email and drill down however you wish.

Do you have experience with other Tools?

RYIT Professionals have experience wit Tableau, as well as MS SSRS, OBIEE 12c, and QLIK.

Let us know if you wish to use one of these other tools and we will see if any Visual Architects are available to your project.

How do we get the Data into the reports?

Our methods of Data Integration are always increasing with every new project. Rarely is one client’s data infrastructure the same as another, so we treat each case and client uniquely.

Historically we have communicated with other App hosts and worked with them to get data out from their system and into ours, even when no preexisting API existed. Typically we integrate your data into our super-fast AWS Aurora Database Service (RYITdbSolutions) due to its High-Compatibility and Speed. This allows us to connect to more APIs, more Apps, and more Databases.

From there we can query and aggregate data in Views or the internal aggregation tools of the Visualization Tool, whichever gets the fastest responsiveness.

Are your reports "Canned"?

No, we do not offer or expect consumers to purchase any “canned” (or pre-made) reports as each situation and project is unique and each user has different requirements on usability.

Do you offer any other services?

We offer a few on-demand services in addition to BI:
1) Web Design
2) SEO Specialist Services
3) Project Management (Certified PMP) Consulting

Didn’t find the answer?

Send us a quick message with any questions you may have on your Development Life Cycle, Methods, or Ability. We can construct custom orders, give a consultation, or point you in the right direction.

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