Performance Incentive Programs for Employees


Dashboards & Reporting are in business production at this time and are unavailable for public until retired

About Project

Period: March 2016 – Present

Client: Unavailable Until Program Retired

Subject: Employee KPI and Incentive Monitoring

This project is currently in use for client facing reporting and employee awareness and thus full details cannot be disclosed until the program has been retired.

Our Task Was

Our task was to generate an Executive level dashboard that would be both self-explanatory and technical enough to monitor management constructed KPIs for US based workforce and a separate dashboard for Overseas based dashboards.

What We’ve Done

RYIT Intelligence Architects were asked to connect various systems of record to a central data collection server where an in-house reporting tool would connect to. This program required extensive KPI collection discussion, data modeling, and visualization generation. This client utilized an Enterprise Service Level for this task.

  • Connect to client’s HelpDesk system’s data
  • Constructed custom data collection methods for data not being previously recorded
  • Advanced querying and data aggrigations
  • Distribution set up via PDF & TIFF file to all provided email addresses
  • Reports presented on staff facing TV monitors
  • Continued support provided with alterations made quarterly


The client has currently expanded this dashboard across 3 company wide Programs with a direct impact to employee’s daily KPI monitored tasks.

  • Q3 2016 Dashboard Published
  • Q4 2016 Dashboard Published
  • Q1 2017 Dashboard Published
  • Q2 2017 Dashboard Published


This program will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future and an integral part into employees KPI and Quarterly Incentive Bonuses.

The full details and dashboards created for this project will be posted in the event that the Program is retired from the clients production environment.