Aircraft and Airline Acquisition Program Monitoring


Dashboards & Reporting are in business production at this time and are unavailable for public until retired

About Project

Period: Aug 2016 – Present

Client: AIMFleet
Subcontracting for: Reserved until project retired

Subject: Providing Insights for Client Awareness

Aircraft Information Management Inc (AIMFleet) is a team of global, industry-leading aviation professionals specializing in all aspects of aircraft and engine acquisition/disposition as well as MRO and other IT systems selection, implementation and support.

Our Task

Utilizing the company’s instance of Online Reporting and Data Visualization Tools, construct client facing Program Status Dashboards.

Through connecting with existing infrastructure and creating new data flows between those and new aggregations, the we were able to fill the client’s need for program transparency.

What We’ve Done

This start-to-finish project was built using a Mid-Service support level and captured data from the existing system to a newly acquired Data Visualization Tool.

  • Connect and understand the business and operation flow
  • Create a method of connecting to the on-prim data of the existing app
  • Build a table to host the data exported from system
  • Connect and aggrigate data to enable visualization
  • Construct and Display 4 Custom Dashboards
  • Analyze the system and come to realize interactivity was slow
  • Connect user’s dashboards to new RYITdb for faster responsiveness of reports vs existing method


Client is implementing this into existing and new contracts and programs, RYIT is offering continuing support on a regular basis.

  • 6 Dashboards accross multiple contracts
  • Over 50+ Sheets/Reports generated
  • Daily Subscription Releases
  • Continuing Support


If you work for or operate an airline that wishes to have compliance support and a level of visibility for new or existing acquisitions programs/operations, you may contact AIMFleet by visiting their site:

If you wish to append your current program with this kind of transparency: